Arriving in the Maldives

Scattered across the equator in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is a republic of islands. The nation is made up of 1192 islands that are separated by 871 kilometers. Only 298 square kilometers of the nation's total area—roughly 90,000 square kilometers—are on dry land. A double chain of 26 atolls is formed by the grouping of the islands.
The tourist is captivated by the country's distinct topography. Reefs with colorful bands that showcase small islands resembling jewels and bordered by the purest white sand, all encircled by the most transparent shallow waters imaginable. There are just 200 inhabited islands, some of which are used for industry and agriculture, and a small number of resorts on each of the atolls.
The Maldives' splendor extends below the surface of the water. The soft and hard corals that make up the reefs, which make up five percent of the planet's reefs, are found in the Maldives. There are thousands of types of fish living on the reefs. Large pelagic species, including whale sharks and manta rays, are drawn to the Maldives by the abundant nutrients carried in by the currents.

The Airport

Once the plane lands, you would be guided to the arrival terminal where you would go through the Immigration and VISA procedures, then you can collect your luggage and be on your way to the arrival gate.

If you had arranged to be picked up on arrival, a representative would guide you to your transport, taking you to your resort, hotel or guesthouse. Most accommodation providers would have a representative at the airport to guide you.

The capital Malé city is just 15 minutes away from a ferry or bus ride, the airport also hosts the five- star Hulhulé Island Hotel.

Immigration and Visa

Tourists are issued a 30-day visa on arrival. Valid travel documents are required.

If you would like to obtain circumstantial visa grants you need to visit the Department of Immigration and Emigration in Malé city, further details can be obtained from their official website, www.immigration. Health Check Amidst the reopening of the Maldives border on 15th July 2020, Maldives Immigration introduced “Traveler Health Declaration” to expedite the process of pre-arrival and pre-departure health information in accordance with the health requirements of the Maldives.

All travelers traveling to and from Maldives are required to submit a self-declarative health declaration within 24 hours prior to their travel. Traveler Health Declaration has to be filled and submitted via the online portal of Maldives Immigration, “Imuga”.


It is prohibited to bring in firearms, drugs, pornography, or idols of worship into the Maldives. Tourists also cannot bring in dogs, pigs and pork items. Alcohol and pork products under a special license are available in resort islands.

Prohibited items (such as alcohol) brought in by passengers will be confiscated at the airport upon arrival.

Airport Help desk

If you require any help while at the airport just head over to the info desk outside the arrival gates.

They will sort out most problems you might encounter at the airport.